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Hot Toy Trends can help you quickly find the best toys children will love. We look at the most popular toys that kids want.  With the help of two toy experts, my 5 6 year old granddaughter and 10 11 year old grandson, we have chosen cool toys that will be welcomed by children of all ages. We enjoy finding hot and trendy toys that will be a hit with kids. Whether you are looking for a birthday gift, Christmas gift, or gift for any occasion, here you will find toys that children will surely enjoy.

*** Since September 2016, we have welcomed a future toy expert to our family-- my granddaughter, Dylan. In her short lifetime, she has already gone through numerous toys with many becoming her favorites.***

Toy Expert in Training

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Toy Industry Forecast For Best Selling Toys 

Each year in February, the Toy Industry holds a trade show to reveal new and popular toys for the coming year.  Many of these toys will become highly sought after at Christmas. Bookmark this site to keep up-to-date on their release. Here is a list of some of the toys expected to be best sellers at Christmas 


Polyester Food Truck


PJ Masks Racetrack

Mickey Roaster Racers

Think & Learn Cycle

BatBot Xtreme Imaginext

Spider Man Mega City

Dom's Turn and Burn


Grossery Gang Horrid Hot Dog

DC Supergirls Hdq

Shopkins 7 Game Arcade

Etch A Sketch Freestyle

Doc McStuffins Baby Checkup

Paw Patrol Mission Pad

Balloon Bot Battle

chocolate egg surprise



Here are some toys that Logan has enjoyed 

L.O.L Surprise Dolls Series 1

These dolls follow a similar concept like the Shopkins brand. They are minifigure dolls that come in balls with seven layers. As you unwrap each layer, you get a clue that will give you an idea of which doll you will get. A layer may include, stickers, doll accessories and a secret message. You get another surprise when you feed her--she may spit, cry or change colors. 

L.O.L. Surprise Doll Ball
LOL Surprise Dolls Lineup

Popular Toys For Babies and Toddlers

By the time babies can really interact with their toys, they are around the teething stage--everything goes straight to the mouth, which is exactly what Dylan does. That's why toys for them should be shaped so that they can get a good grip on the toy without dropping it constantly.  They should also have rounded corners and not be too heavy so as not to be harmful if they hit themselves when shaking.  The Manhattan Toy Winkel Rattle is a good example.

Toddlers who are just beginning to walk like "push" toys. like the VTech Sit to Stand Walker below.  This toy is very sturdy with lots of different activities for toddlers to learn and explore.  It has been one of the biggest toy sellers on Amazon for quite some time.​ Another popular toy that will keep babies and toddlers occupied and happy is the Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Smart Chair.

Manhattan Winkel Toy

Toys Jayden Enjoys

Now that he is 11 years old, Jayden is moving away from toys in the traditional sense.  He still enjoys putting together LEGOs,though. At the top of his list for entertainment which seems to be the case with most kids, is video games followed by coding and reading

This year, Jayden became interested in Scratch Coding and along with his friends, they have created several things using this programming system.  Scratch is an online community where kids can  create and share games, music, stories and much more. Kids can also download the Scratch editor if they prefer not to participate in the online community.  It was developed at MIT and really helps kids learn digital technology and coding. As for books, he continues to read the Rick Riordan series and the Harry Potter series.

Toys That Were Best Sellers Christmas 2016  

HATCHIMALS Interactive Toy

These cute little interactive animals start life in a speckled egg.  In order for them to hatch, you must shake them gently until they finally pop out.  Once out, they communicate with the child by repeating words. They also change their eye color to indicate their feelings.  



Shopkins Season 6 Chef Club toys are available in good quantities now (mid October) but expect to find them scarce closer to  Christmas.