American Girl Doll Camille

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American Girl Camille is the Doll Little Hands Need

American Girl Doll Camille mini doll

My granddaughter, Logan, with her American Girl Doll Camille

Logan, my 5 year old granddaughter has the American Girl doll Camille from the Wellie Wishers collection. It is perfect for her and other young girls. These mini dolls American Girl introduced to the market recently are 14.5 inches tall which makes them very easy for small hands to hold and play with.

Like me, Lo loves dolls, and she has so many of them. I bought her first American girl doll when she wasn’t quite 1 years old. That’s how excited I was to have a granddaughter who hopefully would enjoy dolls as much as I did as a child and still do.

 Now that the perfect size Camille doll  for five year old girls and the other Wellie Wishers are available, she has a whole new set of dolls to add to her collection.

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The Wellie Wishers are a group of friends who truly want to be a good friend to each other. The dolls are: Ashlyn, Emerson, Kendall, Willa and Camille. Logan chose Camille as her first doll from this series because she loves being near the ocean just like Camille and Camille’s outfit has lots of green in it which is Logan’s favorite color.

Camille is very fair skinned and has blue eyes and blonde hair. She has one freckle below her left eye which looks more like a “beauty mark.” Her hair is pulled back with a clip in the shape of a sarfish.

Camille’s Outfit Harmonizes With the Ocean She Loves

Camille American Girl Dress

Another reason Logan loves this doll is because of her really cute outfit. Of course Lo had to have the same dress. Their outfits are made of two pieces. The top is blue with short sleeves. The bodice has green scalloped-like designs diagonally next to each other. They are embellished with glitter.

The skirt has an outer layer made of mesh (similar to net) material sprinkled with glitter. It’s an aqua green color to resemble the waters of the Atlantic ocean. Underneath this layer is a multi colored green and blue jersey fabric with an aqua, blue and green wavy design like the waves in the ocean. A bow at the waist ties it all together. The hem of the skirt is sectioned in pointed shapes which also makes me think of ocean waves. It’s a really cute outfit.

Camille's Wellie Wisher Boots Are Called Rain Boots in the US 

Camille has on boots that are blue with red fins in the back and a cute face on the toes. The boots are referred to as Wellies which is where the doll series got its name. Wellies is just a term for rain boots or galoshes as they are known in the US.

Camille Makes A Great Gift for Girls

Camille American Girl Doll Wellie Wishers

Camille is such  pretty little doll that any girl who loves dolls would appreciate getting her as a Christmas or birthday gift. Little girls like my granddaughter, who love swimming and playing in the pool will come up with many pretend play situations with Camille. For example dressing Camille in her wellie boots to go shopping in the rain or playing in a pool or going to the beach. Camille and her Wellie Wisher Friends can exchange outfits just like real friends do.

Is the Camille Doll A Good Buy

The American Girl doll brand has been very popular since 1986. For years now, the company has come up with cute little dolls accompanied by stories that little girls can incorporate into their play. The Wellie Wishers,including Camille, are no exception. Little girls who are doll lovers would be very happy to have Camille in her doll collection even if she already has an American Girl doll. These dolls can now be purchased online at Amazon which means quick and easy shopping.

Camille American Girl Wellie Wishers Doll

Here are all of the Wellie Wishers Dolls

Fun Outfits for Wellie Wishers Dolls

The Wellie Wishers doll size is somewhat unique but here are a few fun outfits for these 14 1/2 inches dolls that have been created by third parties.

American Girl 18 inch dolls are adorable and come with great accessories.  Check them out.

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