Barbie Smart House

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Barbie Hello Dream House 2016

It was only a matter of time before always hip Barbie moved into her 21st century Barbie smart House, a smart voice activated dream home fit for the style icon that she is. This is a smart house in every sense of the word and at the top of my 5 year old granddaughter’s Christmas gift ideas list for 2016. You can buy it HERE.

The Barbie Dream House Is A Smart House

The technology in Barbie’s advanced house mimics a child’s everyday real-life environment and there’s no doubt about it becoming a best seller for Christmas 2016.

The wi-fi enabled dream house has six rooms. Most of the items in the rooms can be controlled using voice commands including the elevator. It has a feature which acts like “Siri” and decodes whatever is spoken to it and then performs that act.

Barbie Smart House Sofa

The dream house was introduced at the 2016 International Toy Fair. Kids will love this new Barbie addition as it similar to their own world. They will also get a kick out of being able to control the home with their own voice commands. The Barbie dream house is a smart house that kids will eagerly embrace.

For example, the lighting operates by voice command. The feature turns on the lights once it decodes the voice command. Other commands include getting ready for school” which start typical actions that are involved in preparing for school like turning on the bathroom’s lights which triggers the sound of running water in the shower.

Barbie Smart House Elevator

Other fun features of this Barbie Smart House include calling for the elevator to ascend or descend to to take Barbie up or down, perhaps to the party she is throwing. The party mode feature activates flashing lights and hip music while the staircase becomes a slide for quick descent to the party.

The home has a complementary accessory that will be released soon--it is the Starlight RC Hoverboard, a small drone with a Barbie riding on top of it. It’s RC controlled and flies high—all controlled by the child.

With such awesome features, Barbie’s home is expected to be quite expensive with price hovering around $300. The Hoverboard is expected to sell near the $60 mark

The Barbie Dream House Smart House was released at the end of August 2016. You can but it HERE.

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