Barbie Starlight Adventure And Hover Cat

Barbie Starlight Adventure Galaxy Doll and Her Hover Cat 

Barbie Starlight Adventure and Hover Cat

For Barbie fans who love pets, Barbie Star Light Adventure and Hover Cat are an enduring pair. The duo is  based on the space fantasy movie series with the same title. Barbie’s flying pet cat, Hover Cat, tells the story of their adventures through the outer world. In the movie, the pair travels the different galaxies where they meet lots of characters and often face dangerous situation. In many of their adventures, Star Light Barbie and Hover Cat become heroes when they have to fight evil. Many times they have come to the aid of the universe and saved it.

Price of this Barbie playset is modest. However, it is a little higher than you pay for most Barbie dolls which don’t come with special features. This Barbie is a great representation of the Barbie character in the movie so the price is very modest for the features you get.

Barbie Starlight Adventure and Hover Cat

The Barbie brand has been a success for its manufacturer for many years now. Whenever Barbie products are released onto the market, they become a hit with the current generation of Barbie fans. This play set is expected to do the same. In this case, Mattel is targeting fans of the Barbie Star Light Adventure movies. Barbie fans who prefer the dolls that come with beautiful dresses and wardrobes may not be as enthusiastic about Barbie Star Light and her cute cat. This set is for fans who love the movie and adventure and don’t mind their dolls getting into dangerous situations.

Little girls like to pretend play with their barbies. With the Barbie Starlight Adventure Galaxy Barbie, they get to include a cute pet that actually flies. A button is located on Barbie’s leg that controls the cat’s movements. Then you place the cat’s leash in Barbie’s hands and push the button. Watch as the cat flies around activated by propellers on the cat that go into action when you press the button on Barbie’s leg. This gives lots of room for kids’ imaginations for fun and adventure.

Barbie SLA And Hover Cat

Barbie, herself comes dressed in a hip pink jumpsuit, not the wardrobe of some of her sister’s, but she is equipped for action and she still manages to look chic. Her jump suit has a holographic vest, blue utility belt, blue hairclip and a plastic skirt. The jumpsuit is molded onto her body but the other items are removable. Her silver boots complete the outfit.

The cat, which is made of plastic, is also dressed for success. It has its own spacesuit and is ready for adventure. CLICK HERE or on the pictures to BUY NOW

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