Best Baby Playpen – North States Superyard Colorplay

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North States Superyard 8 panels

North States Superyard Colorplay 8 Panels - Click Picture to Purchase 

The Modern Day Playpen For Happy Babies and Toddlers

There’s a new future toy expert in my family, my granddaughter, Dylan, and she is already boning up on her toy skills. To keep her happy and safe while she is enjoying her toys and freedom, she plays inside the North States Superyard Colorplay Gate. This is a wonderful invention. I only wish it had been around when my kids were babies. So these are my thoughts on this fantastic modern-day baby playpen.

At some point between the time when my kids were babies and today, playpens lost favor with the younger generation. Even today you can hear jokes about putting baby in “prison” when using one. But with the North States Superyard gates, being enclosed in this playpen is just the opposite of “prison.”  Dylan, loves playing with her toys in her gate. When she is surrounded in it by all her “gear,” she is perfectly content. Here are some of the features of the North States Superyard Colorplay playpen that I Like.

Safe Play Area For Babies and Toddlers

I have the Superyard to keep me out of my big sister's toys

I have the Superyard to keep me out of my big sister's toys.

Safety is the main benefit of this play yard, especially when babies begin to crawl, pull up and start walking. With the North States Colorplay play gate, you are creating an area that is fairly open, yet restricted. You don’t have to worry about turning your head for a minute and discovering that tiny object on the floor you didn’t see, is suddenly in your baby’s mouth. And since it is so easy to carry, you can move it about the house as you do needed chores all within baby’s sight. It keeps her safe and away from all the “No” commands that begin to sound like a broken record when you are not using a playpen.

Bright and Colorful

The Colorplay model is multi colored and cheery. This will help her learn about colors and increase her skills in visual perception.

Lots of Room to Move About

One of my North States Superyards and my own toys

Perhaps it’s because Dylan’s Superyard is so roomy, she doesn’t mind being in it at all. She has lots of toys and crawls around from one to another. At the same time, she can see through the slots to watch others or watch her programs on TV. She actually has two. The one at her grandma’s is the smaller 6 panel size, but it still has plenty of room so that her 6-year old sister can also play inside with her. The one at her own house is 8 panels and arranged so that the living room couch is also included within the set up. That way the whole family is essentially inside. This is a great way for the whole family to relax together with everyone doing their own thing and not constantly running after a baby explorer.

Dimensions and Extensions

The Colorplay comes in two sizes— one that has 6 panels and the other has 8 panels. The 6-panel version measures 18.5 square feet and is 26 inches tall, but weighs less than 20 pounds. The 8-panel version covers 34.45 square feet and is also 26 inches in height. You can extend the width of either of these sizes by purchasing extensions. The extensions are available in two-panel configurations or two-panels plus a door. The door extension is good if you frequently go in and out of the area. However, I don't find it really necessary to have a door because it’s easy to simply unhitch two of the panels, walk in or out, then hitch them together again.

I like the fact that the panels are pretty flexible and can be shaped to fit the layout of a room. Dylan’s home play yard is usually set up in an odd configuration that goes behind the sofa so as to include it, too.​

It's Easily Folded and Portable

It is easily moved from one area to another. And can even be used outside as well as inside. It’s simple to fold flat by folding panels in alternate directions. It’s lightweight and the handle makes it easy to carry.

See the Superyard in action by watching the video below.

Additional Features

The North States Colorplay play yard is made in America and uses a sturdy BPA free plastic material. This is great because a baby will eventually pull up on it and use the plastic as teething rings. Wipes and cleans easily, too. It is well designed and certified by the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association. You use it on carpet, hardwood or tile floors and it stays in place because of skid resistance pads at the bottom. The panels are very sturdy. Dylan at 8 months can pull up and lean against them and the playpen remains upright.

Unique Baby Shower Gift Ideas

The North States play yard makes an excellent and baby shower gift from co workers, grandparents and friends.  It solves the problem of trying to find a unique baby shower gift that will surely be appreciated by parents.

What to use on floor if your floor is not carpeted

Dylan’s playpen is on a carpeted floor, but there are mats made for babies and kids like these that you can use on hardwood or tile floors or just to add even more color to the Superyard.

Toys and Gear for the Superyard

And here is a toy that started out as Dylan’s crib toy but has now moved to her Superyard. It attaches easily.

Used with all the “trappings” of a baby or toddler, The North States Superyard Colorplay playpen gate is really an ideal and safe play area for today’s babies and toddlers.

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