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Best Gift For 10 Year Old Boys They Are Guaranteed To Love

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Best gift for boys

If you are looking for the best gift for 10 year old boys that they are guaranteed to love, you have come to the right place. I have a 10 year old grandson, Jay, who has enjoyed playing with the typical toys you expect boys to like as they grow up. The toy industry never fails to flood the market each year with great toys. Before he turned 10, it was quite easy to find a toy he loved with so many choices available.

Over the years he has had Nerf toys, action figures, Hot Wheels, remote control cars, video system and games and Legos. Of all the toys he has enjoyed in the past, video games/systems and Legos are still his favorites. But as boys become older, it gets a little harder to find the perfect gift for them. 

So what is this gift that a 10 year old boy is guaranteed to love?  An Amazon gift card! For his 10th birthday, several parents of Jay’s friends wanted to know what they could get him for a gift. My daughter suggested a gift card. Sure enough, almost all of his gifts were gift cards and the vast majority of those gift cards were for Amazon!  He loved receiving those gift cards.

Today’s 10 year olds are very savvy when it comes to computers, they would have no problem at all going online and selecting their gift. In fact, they would enjoy it a lot. Jay has been creating his own Elfster Christmas list for at least two years now so he is a pro at creating an online gift wish list. With cards from Amazon, as with Elfster, he can sit at the computer and search exactly for what he wants.

Thus, Amazon gift cards are a perfect gift to please 10 year olds as well as older kids. When they reach age 10 and above, especially boys, they are moving away from toys associated with younger kids. This makes it difficult to figure out what kind of gift to give these kids.

The beauty of Amazon, too, is that it has such a wide variety of products, any kid would be able to find something there that they would like to have. A kid would not be limited to toys, he could choose clothes, shoes, music, books, etc. and all without even leaving the house. Parents won't have to take the child to a store to redeem the card like they would have to do with other store cards, plus the gift is delivered right to the door. Gifts cards can be sent directly to an email address or you can order a physical card. A great option is to purchase from the many card designs online and print a copy of the card directly from the website. Regardless of how you choose to deliver it, an Amazon gift card is the perfect gift solution.

How much to put on the card depends, of course, on your budget. Amazon has toys at all price ranges from under $10 to well over $500. Take a look at the list below to give you an example of the type of toys you can get online at Amazon.

Not sure what amount to put on the card, or you have a specific category of toy you'd like to check, use the easy search tool below. We would like to help you please the 10 year old in your life.

If you know a 10-year old boy who is interested in science or math, these coding programming kits would make great gifts. And you can turn a reluctant reader into an enthusiastic reader with these adventure books.

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