Best Selling Toys Of The Year

Each year in February, the Toy Industry holds a trade show to reveal new and popular toys for the coming year.  Many of these toys will become highly sought after at Christmas. Some won't become available until Spring, Summer and Fall, 2018. Bookmark this site to keep up-to-date on their release. Here is a list of some toys expected to be best sellers at Christmas 2018 including some from the Toy Industry Fair.

More Cool Toys For Kids

Gazillion Bubble Pong Game is a modification of tale tennis that even grownups would enjoy with the family.  I saw this game demonstrated on TV and it looks like it will become very popular. You have to bounce the ball to your opponents side and if you get it in the hole the result is a "gazillion" of bubbles shooting out.  Flipside reminds me of a combination of Rubik's Cube and Simon. The object is to match the  colored blocks to the flashing lights.  It is small and easily portable. 

Technology The New Competition For Kids Toys 2018 And Beyond

Fortnite, Minecraft, Youtube, X boxes, phones, computers, tablets. If you are over the age of 40 you are not likely to remember being so overly obsessed with today’s technology like kids are today. They use these popular platforms constantly. It is almost impossible to go to a public place without seeing kids whose heads are stuck in a cellphone, tablet or iPad.

It’s mind boggling when you see a toddler as young as 18 months old so adept at tapping an app and choosing a program to view.

However, despite all the concerns, there are many apps to view on these devices that are highly educational. Jayden, my 12 year old grandson, has taught himself how to play the piano using an app. He is currently learning German by listening to an app.

Aside from phones, which most kids can access easily, tablets and iPads are the most popular mediums for their technology use.

Computer Tablets

These are an excellent choice when you are looking for a device for kids’ online activities. Amazon’s Fire tablets are popular and available in regular and a Kids Edition. The kids’version has tons of features that makes it such a good deal for young children. Here are some of those features that make it an attractive buy.

  • Colorful lightweight protective case that is comfortable for small hands and easy to hold
  • One year subscription to Free Time Unlimited – content for kids 3-12 like access to 15,000 books, tv shows, movies educational apps and games
  • Two year unlimited replacement warranty if tablets gets broken

The 7" 16gb version is available here. The 10.1' 32gb version can be found here.

For more computer tablets for kids, check this list.