Books 10 Year Old Boys Will Actually Read

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books 10 year old boys love to read

I’ll have to admit I am surprised to be writing a post about books 10 year old boys will actually read and love. That’s because I am basing my thoughts on my own grandson, Jayden who is a typical 10 year old boy.

I don’t know when the video game focus hit him, but it has been long and steady. He carried his Nintendo systems and/or tablet just about everywhere. During holidays and vacation time away from school, his head was always buried in a game on his xBox or handheld Nintendo system, and I do mean all day if you didn’t practically pry him away.

But lo and behold, he has substituted his video systems and games for books! Everywhere we go now, he always has a book in his hand and it’s now hard to pry him away from his book. Amazing. So what books were able to change Jay’s focus—the key is an award- winning book series that will have 10 year old boys so engrossed in the story they don't want to stop reading.

Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson Mythology Series for Middle Grades

Books 10 year old boys will read

Riordan is the best selling author of highly popular books geared toward middle grade students. Jayden was browsing a book fair at his school when he spotted the first 5-set series, “Percy Jackson and the Olympians.”  From that day it has been non-stop reading. He quickly finished all five titles in this series and was begging for more.

Riordan’s books are about Greek and Roman mythology. The main character, Percy, is a demigod which means he is half human and half god. His father is the Greek god Poseidon (also known as Neptune). His mother is human. Demigods have extraordinary powers and Percy goes on quests to prevent war and establish peace. These books have the action and excitement boys find in video games, albeit in book form. You can check today's price of this set on Amazon by clicking on the picture.

Jayden just finished this whole set series and we recently ordered the next set series by this author, also featuring Percy Jackson, “The Heroes of the Olympus.”  Amazon has great price deals HERE. All of Riodan’s sets have thousands of highly rated reviews online.

If you need ideas for a Christmas or birthday gift for a 10 year old boy, Jayden highly recommends these series. He suggests you start with the first book, "The Lightning Thief “ which is a part of the first series-- Percy Jackson and the Olympians.

Books 10 year old boys want to read

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If a bona fide video game addict can turn into a book loving, book carrying addict, it’s certainly worth buying one of these books to encourage young boys to read. As a retired librarian, I welcome seeing my grandson become a book lover like his granny. If you have a 10 to 14 year old boy in your life, these books would make wonderful gifts that they will actually enjoy reading. 

Here's an image you can save to Pinterest for future reference as a reminder of a great gift for a young boy.

Books for 10 year old boys

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