Great Gifts For 10 Year Old Boys

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Awesome Toys for 10 Year Old Boys 2017

Great Gifts for 10 year old boys

Buying great gifts for 10 year old boys takes a bit more thought than buying presents for younger boys. As the mother of three boys, now adults, and one 10 year old grandson, I have witnessed a lot of male activity in my home and how boys interact with toys at different age levels.

When boys reach the age of 10, they become more interested in sedentary type play rather than the more rambunctious play of younger boys. They still enjoy outside activities like riding scooters and bikes, but I like to describe this change as by this age they have calmed down a bit.

They also continue to enjoy building toys like LEGOs opting for more complex pieces to put their sets together. Boys of all ages seem to immediately know how to use and control remote control toys and robots. And the number one draw of most ten year old boys I have been around is video games and gaming systems.

Give them any type of xBox, Nintendo 3DS, Playstation system or a tablet filled with Game Apps and they are hooked. However, a lot of the video games on the market today are inappropriate for kids in this age group and warrant parental concern. So what are some awesome Christmas gifts and birthday gifts for 10 year old boys that meet their approval as well as their parents?

A Quick List of Popular Toys for Boys Age 10 That Make Great Gifts

These Are Top Rated Toys For 2017

I have never met a 10 year old kid who didn’t want a tablet or who already owns one. Well this is one time where a kid’s desire is justified. True, the primary intention may be to use it for games, but a tablet offers so much more. With technology moving at its current pace and school’s often using tablets in their curriculum, it’s really a valuable tool to have for a child’s education. There are many apps you can download that help with homework and school research. An Amazon Fire Kindle 8 is a good place to start. It's a top rated tablet kids will love. The graphics on these tablets are amazingly clear and bright. The Kindle Fire 8 is Amazon’s medium priced tablet. It is a great deal for the price. The smaller 7 inch size is very cheap with the same beautiful graphics; however, the screen is smaller. Both sizes come with “offers” which only means that when you log on, you see a large graphic ad which you barely notice is an advertisement. It’s like a screen saver that one click causes it to disappear. I highly recommend this tablet as it is a very good buy—I own one. You can get more information and  check the  price here.

Remote Control Cars Boys Age 10 Would Enjoy

RC Remote Control Cars -  Racing For Fun

Here are two RC (aka radio controlled and remote controlled) vehicles that will keep a 10 year old boy busy. Controlling these cars develops skills that he will transfer later on when he begins to drive his own car. 

LEGO Sets For 10 Year Old Boys

Kids who enjoy building with LEGOS have created some amazing structures of all sorts. Boys are naturally attracted to building and constructing toys which can keep them occupied and quiet for hours. My grandson, Jay, has loved LEGO sets since he was in pre-school.  He seems to have a natural ability to put these tiny blocks together with little effort and in no time at all. Now that he is 10, he requests and enjoys sets that have hundreds of pieces even though they are more complex.  He also enjoys the Ravensburger series of building toys. He put together the globe you see below, with a little help from his grandfather, when he was 8 years old. This globe is a really great gift, is solid and looks good in his room.

Building and Construction Sets 

Spy and Mystery Sets are great ways to get into science and mystery at the same time. They are perfect toys for quiet time and winter activity.

Outdoor Toys For Boys Age 10  

Boys love speed! These scooters and go karts are welcome gifts!


Ozbot 2.0 Programmable Robot

This tiny, unassuming robot packs a lot of power beneath its plain outward frame. Other robots may appear more attractive, and certainly larger, but the Ozbot puts all of its power in output. With this little 1 inch ball of power, kids can learn programming coding using colors. It encourages reasoning skills and is a fun way to learn about robots and coding by creating games and activities. You can download apps for additional ways to play with Ozbot 2. This toy is  on Jay's Christmas toys wish list. It's a good buy and a great deal pricewise.  Go HERE to BUY and for more information.

WowWee Chip Interactive Robot Dog

Robot Toys Make Great Christmas Gifts

WowWee Chip Interactive Pet Dog is a highly awaited robot toy that was released at the end of August, 2016. The company that made him is very well regarded for its innovative technical toys. Since he is new, there are not many reviews on WowWee Chip, but he will be on the Christmas wish list of many kids because of all the cool things he can do.  He can recognize his owner's voice and respond to his owner's commands. He barks to let you know that he understands your instructions. He enjoys interaction and play, but he can also play alone with his own ball that comes with him. He is not cheap, but the price is likely to come down once he has been around for a while.

Parent Approved Video Games for Young Boys

S.T.E.M (Scientific, Technology, Engineering, Math)  Toys For Boys

I can't think of a better way, or easier way, to get kids interested in science, technology, engineering and math while at the same time teaching them skills they can use in school or even place them on their career path.  That's because STEM toys are a lot of fun. Forget programming as being complex and difficult to understand, when you learn about coding while playing a game, it all makes sense. STEM toys are definitely cool ways to learn and play at the same time.

More Great Gifts For 10 Year Old Boys 2017

Cool Gifts for 10 Year Old Boys for Christmas and Birthdays

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