Hologram Barbie Doll – For Today’s Smart Kids

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If the new Holgram Barbie seems sort of unreal to you, don’t worry, today’s smart kids will take right to her. After all if you have seen kids speak and give their Xbox instructions or tell their phones to dial a certain number, then you know what I mean. As of this writing, she has not been released, but when she does become available you can expect to find the best price for this doll online.  **UPDATE - GET Hologram Barbie HERE**

Hologram Barbie, really is unreal. She is a disappearing Barbie doll with all sorts of tricks and capabilities up her sleeve. She lives in her tiny holographic world where kids can talk to her directly. She is capable of making jokes, carrying on a conversation about the weather and even dancing. She is definitely a Barbie doll like no other and will allow your little girls o have hours of fun interacting with her.

When the Hologram Barbie doll was introduced at the 2017 CES convention, the yearly electronics convention held in Las Vegas, she raised quite a few eyebrows. That is because of all the smart things this Barbie does which rivals some of the most popular technology gadgets available today for adults.

What Can Halogram Barbie Do

However, unlike the Amazon Echo and Alexa that are smart and interactive  adult gadgets, Hologram Barbie isn’t able to order things from your favorite website, so you don’t have to worry about items you don’t know about showing up on your doorstep—a relief. But she can do so many other cool things. Kids will have a ball with her. She can answer simple questions, keep a calendar and change her looks. Tell her to change her clothes and magically she appears in another outfit. She can also change her skin tone and hair, creating a more relatable and ethnic look.

How Does Halogram Barbie Work

How does she work? A screen inside her box projects an image of Barbie and makes it seems like she is floating in the air. She is actually a 3D computer animation, but the projection itself is only 2D so if you look at the box from the side, you cannot see her in 3D and if you look at her from the back, you can’t see her at all.

The conversation skills with this Barbie are similar to those in the Hello Barbie but it’s a little more advanced.

She operates via Bluetooth technology which raises the concern of parents about privacy. Mattel, however, assures parents that unlike the Amazon Echo, the doll does not save recordings to a server. The conversations actually go to the Cloud via 256 bit encryption technology. This is because of the FTC’s requirement relating to children and online privacy. And parents do have some control over a child’s interactions with it, for example, it can be set for use only at certain times and can be programmed to go off at a certain bedtime.

WhereTo Buy the Halogram Barbie

The Hologram Barbie is scheduled to became available in late 2017. She will definitely be one of the most sought after toys for Christmas. So if there is a small girl or Barbie lover in your life, plan to get the Hologram Barbie for her. Owning this doll will make her seem special as this is the doll to have in 2017.

Take a look at Hologram Barbie in action.

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