Kurio Watch For Kids

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Kurio Smart Watch For Kids Who Love Technology

Kurio Smartwatch for kids

The kids tech company, KD Interactive, recently released their Kurio watch for kids that will have kids everywhere excited about this cool new hi tech product and eager to own one. It will be on the Christmas wish list of countless kids this year. This watch really is awesome. It has so many features that puts fun right on a kid’s arm that previously meant having to haul out a tablet or computer to get to this type of enjoyment.

kids take to technology like a fish to water. If you have ever seen an 18 month old baby flip through a tablet or smartphone and tap the icon for their favorite app, you know what I mean. Kids can often navigate through tech devices and apps quicker than some adults so it’s no surprise they want the same or similar tech devices as their parents own.

With the Kurio watch for kids, now they can have just that. So If you are wondering about some of the features that make this watch so appealing take a look below.

Kurio smart watch for kids

Is The Kurio Smart Watch for Kids A Good Buy

Camera and Video Recorder With Fun Filters

It’s all about fun and novelty. Being able to take photos and selfies with the front facing camera and even record a video with the flex of your wrist is certainly novel. There are fun photo filters, too, that create imaginative and funny images over your photos similar to the Snapchat feature. The internal memory of 256 mb can hold about 800 photos or 200 videos of about 10 seconds each. An SDHC card can add an additional 32 gb of storage

Apps and Games—Play alone or with others

It comes preloaded with 20 games for single or multi-player engagement. Play games like Tic Tac Toe and Battleship plus motion games like motion maze and motion sport. The built in accelerometer motion sensor technology allows you to play these games. There are options for customizing the face of the watch, too. Choices include some of kids’ favorite characters like My Little Pony and the Transformers.

Music Player and Voice Recorder

A built-in speaker lets kids have access to music literally at their fingertips utilizing Bluetooth technology. What’s more, the voice recorder that comes with the watch has filters for transforming voices in ways only a kid would enjoy.

Activity Tracker

Kurio Watch for Kids

Wearable technology is a hot trend among adults and now kids can track their activity, too, with this smartwatch. And as with adults, activity trackers can be important motivators for getting you up and moving about. Kids will surely like the challenge of meeting and exceeding goals.


This is one of the best features of the watch from an adult’s viewpoint 21st century messaging has become an ingrained habit in today’s world. This smartwatch has the ability to send text and voice messages to other Kurio watches and to Adroid devices. This is an easy way for parents to reach their kids. The watch can also receive phone calls because of its built in speaker and microphone. The messenger app is not available for iPhones. However it can be connected to an iPhone via Bluetooth.

Emergency Information  (Contacts, Medical info)

KD Interactive has come up with a great idea to include I.C.E. (In Case Of Emergency) contact and medical information with the App. Plus, parents don't have to worry that the information can be hacked because the watch does not have a browser which is also why it does not need a filter. Parents control the information as to who has access to the App.

It's A Watch With Regular Features

With all he emphasis on its smart features, let’s not forget this watch has basic features that kids can use. The time, calendar, timer, they are all there. And the watch band itself comes in bright colors and is made of silicone. It’s of course designed to appeal to young kids and to fit small wrists.

What's Included 

  • 1.54” Touch screen - 240x240 pixels
  • Built in Camera
  • Built in Motion Sensor
  • Rechargeable Battery
  • Internal memory: 256Mb*
  • Micro SDHC Card Slot: Can add up to 32GB ofadditional memory
  • Micro USB slot For charging & data transfer
  • Bluetooth 3.0
  • Built in Speaker and Microphone
  • Vibration motor
  • USB Cable 
  • Does not need smartphonet to work
  • Compatible with PC and MAC** (connect and share photos & videos)

* Part of the memory allocated to the OS.
** From any version after Windows XP.
From any version after MAC OS 10.10.

Is the Kurio Smartwatch Worth Buying

First off, the manufacturer’s age suggestion is 6 to 12. I disagree with that somewhat. I think it would be suitable for kids as young as age 4. I do know my 5 year old granddaughter would be happy to receive this watch as a gift. I don’t think any kid over 10 would be enamored with the watch. My grandson is 10, and he would love features that this watch has, but he would not be attracted to its design, its looks, nor the games that come with it as younger kids would. 

I think it would make a really nice Christmas gift and birthday for a 4 year old to 10 year old. I think the price is very moderate for its features. Thus, I think it is a good deal for younger kids who will surely get a kick out of Buy it HERE.

There is one thing that has me concerned. The manufacturers website says the watch takes 2 1/2 hours to charge and discharging time is 2 hours with constant use. At the time of this writing, the watch has very recently appeared on the market so I am not certain this is correct. I plan to update and correct this information as more information becomes available. 

Vitech Kidizoom Smartwatch DX

ViTech Kidizoom Kids Smart Watch

**UPDATE TO THE KURIO WATCH**  For parents who may be concerned about the Kurio Watch's abillity to access the parent's complete contact list, the ViTech Kidizoom SmartWatch DX is an excellent alternative. It gets great reviews online and has been around longer than the Kurio.  You can see it here.

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