Lego Tables Toddlers Will Adore

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Perfect Lego Tables For Toddlers

Lego Toddler Table

If you have a toddler who loves Legos and building things, you quickly see how Lego tables toddlers can use for their creations are a big plus. My grandson who is now 10 years old and has graduated to complex Lego kits, has been into Legos since he was about 3.  He was a whiz then and now at figuring out how to fit these pieces together. Over the years, he has built many incredible sets.

However, with this hobby you will soon find yourself surrounded by lots of “bricks.” These Lego bricks are interchangeable from one kit to another and it's easy to accumulate tons of them making it hard to keep them together. Since toddlers often like to work "outside the box" they will many times create their own designs using the Legos from different kits. That usually means spreading them out in order to see what they want to use for their new creation.

 Having a table to work on makes things super easy for toddlers and other kids to see their Legos.  In addition, a table lets them create their designs on a level surface that will hold the design upright as they work. Some tables have shelves or space tol hold the bricks until they are ready for use. This, of course, helps solve the huge problem of having Lego bricks all over the floor. A table is really a good buy if for nothing less than saving an adult’s sanity from stepping on countless Legos scattered all over the place not to mention getting some of them caught in the vacuum cleaner.

To quickly find a list of Lego Activity Tables for Toddlers -- Click here.

The Best Lego Table For Toddlers 

Step 2 Build And Store Block Activity Table

Step 2 Build and Store Activity Table has all of the features that are most desirable for use building Lego sets. First of all it is large. The dimensions are 43 x 26 x 20. This means a large surface area for multipurpose activity and large enough for two kids to play together. It includes 1 stool that allows a toddler to sit comfortably at a height perfect for working on the table's top surface. 

The two building block bases (dimensions: 10.5 x 15 inches) that come with the set have their own convenient storage area for easy reach. The bases work with large Duplo blocks as well as traditional Lego brand bricks and compatible bricks. There are 2 storage bins that can be placed on the 4 shelves to keep loose bricks organized. Four cup holders and two removable trays also help to keep things organized. This is a real bonus.

This is a very sturdy plastic activity table that takes a minimum of effort to put together. It has a variety of uses other than building sets. The surface area is large enough for drawing, crafts, train sets, playing with Hot Wheel cars. It's great for working on STEM toys like putting together the Fisher Price Think & Learn Code A Pillar programming toy. It comes with free shipping on Amazon Prime where you can also find good deals on its price.

KidKraft 2 In1 Activity Table Espresso

Great Table for Working On Lego Blocks for Toddlers

The Kidkraft 2 in 1 Espresso Activity table is quite versatile. It’s top surface has two sides. One side is smooth and the other is a Lego compatible base plate. The multi colored base plate is also compatible with the large size Duplo blocks. What’s more, a 200 piece set of compatible Lego bricks is included with the table. Each side flips easily from one to the other. The smooth side features a landscape setting with train track design and an actual 30 piece wooden train set comes with the table. Thus, it serves as a cute train table as well. Underneath the top is plenty of room to store bricks and other toddler paraphernalia. It's a good example of Lego tables toddlers will adore.

Lego Table For Toddlers

The dimensions of the table are 25 x 23 x 16. It is made of wood and quite sturdy. A few reviewers have said they had problems using Lego brand bricks while other reviewers state they don’t have that issue. No stool or chair is included but it’s a good standing or kneeling size for a 3 to 4 year old. Makes a great Christmas gift or birthday gift for a toddler who enjoys Legos and trains.

Tot Tutors 2 in1 Lego Construction Table With Chairs

Lego Table with 2 Chairs to Share Lego Fun With Friends

The Tot Tutors 2 in 1 Lego Activity table is a great activity and Lego table for building Legos with a friend or sibling. It comes with two chairs that are sturdy and positioned at a comfortable level. It allows two toddlers to build sets together or create drawings, clay figures or any other fun activity toddlers enjoy. It’s a very colorful table and chair set painted in bright primary colors.

The main top is smooth but can be removed to reveal a surface area that resembles a Lego base plate. The plate is compatible with Lego brand bricks and other brands as well. In the center of this base plate, is an opening where you can store bricks, but it is not very large, approximately 2-3 inches deep, so it won’t hold many bricks. Thus, it isn’t the best choice if you really want a table that will help organize the building bricks. However the the price is is a very good deal on Amazon and comes with free shipping.

It works well with normal size Legos or compatible bricks, but not all Duplo blocks will fit in the base plate. The regular size Duplo blocks work but not the accessories like figures. A workaround is to create a base with Duplo blocks that do work and build the larger size on top of those.

The table is round meaning no sharp edges. The dimensions size of the table is 23” w 17” high and 23” depth. The chair dimensions are 12” wide 18” high and 11” depth. The seat height is 10”. Snap together assembly makes it easy to put together. This Tot Tutor Lego table for toddlers makes a great Christmas gift or a birthday gift.

Either of the Lego tables above would serve a toddler and family well. They make it easy for the child to create designs as well as keep the bricks off the floor. They provide ample space for working on a variety of creative activities and are attractive enough to look nice in any room of a house.

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