Pokemon Go Basics

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Pokemon Go is motivating the world to get up from  sedentary lifestyles in order to chase virtual creatures. If you are wondering what all the  fuss is about, here are some Pokemon Go basics that will bring you up-to-date.

Mishaps while playing the game seem to dominate Media reports.  If you can understand how walking and reading at the same time is difficult, then you have an idea of the accidents that can occur when you are a Pokemon addict. And so far there have been many. In the first week of itsPokemon on NY subway release in the US (July 6, 2016), there were reports of people falling off a cliff, walking into police cars, and falling into a pond. And as I write this, there is a report on the news about a teenager who almost died because he was playing this game on the beach and was struck by lightning. Seems like common sense would prevail, but addiction has its way of numbing the senses.

The game requires you to be out-and-about which isn’t a foreign concept. But if you throw caution to the wind by putting yourself in dangerous situation like following leads into unfamiliar areas in the wee hours of the morning, then you are taking a risk with your safety. By using a bit of common sense and caution, it shouldn’t be any more dangerous to play this game than it would be to walk in any neighborhood.

Who Should Play Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go is more suitable for older kids and teens, than it is for young children. It’s also a great opportunity for families to spend time together. And it’s a huge opportunity to get to know different neighborhoods or public places as well. Did I mention that you can get lots of exercise by following this game. Searches can last as long as you want as as far away as you’d like to explore. It’s even a fun way to see cities while on vacation. The game is actually like a scavenger hunt, treasure hunt and geocaching.

How to Play Pokemon Go

Augmented Reality (AR) is one reason the game is so engaging.  This newer form of interactive gaming blends your real-world environment with computer generated graphics all in real time. The game places the characters onto the device’s screen with the aid of GPS and your phone or tablet’s camera.

When you are out searching for and capturing your creatures,  here are some basics you will encounter:

  • Eggs. These hatch into Pokemon.  You must keep walking after catching one, in order for it to hatch.
  • Battles.  You will encounter battles with wild creatures and even friendly creatures.
  • Gyms. These are where you train your Pokemon and fight your battles.
  • Candy. These make you stronger and help you conquer your prey.
  • Evolution.  This is your Pokemon’s strength as it evolves and becomes stronger.

There is so much involved in understanding the mechanics of this game and learning to become a successful player. If you want to learn more, you can start with this book.  It’s a comprehensive guide for tips and strategies to use in order to propel your success rate in finding and capturing your prisoners.

Pokemon At Home

The game can be a lot of fun and somewhat hazardous. So, if you decide you don’t want to get entangled with the craziness of Pokemon out in the field, then enjoy the challenges and pursuit of your prey with this popular Monopoly version that the whole family can enjoy. Best of  all, you can do this right  in the comfort of your home.

Toy trends come and go and this is one of the more formidable ones. Since its inception in 1998 and popularity as a game for the Nintendo platform,  these cute creatures have enjoyed multiple popularity spurts each time a new series is released. This latest phase is the most popular ever. So come Christmas, expect to see a rush on all things Pokemon.  Stay tuned.

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