Princess Toys Girls Age 4 Want

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Princess Toys 4 Year Olds Want As Gifts

Princess toys for 4 year old girls

There are many princess toys girls age 4 would love to have. These little sweeties, princesses in their own right, love princesses, especially Disney Princesses. My granddaughter Lo, started her love affair with Disney toys early but when she was about 4 years old, she became deeply involved in the Princess toy culture.

At 4 years old, girls become more attuned to everyday life and can relate to it at a higher level than they did as toddlers. They watch Youtube video shows and regular videos and become intrigued by the characters much as adults do with their favorite shows. There has been quite a few Disney princess movies released in recent years. These kids are very familiar with these movies and they are surrounded by toys dealing with  princesses when they walk into toy stores. It’s also very common to see little girls this age, out and about, dressed in their favorite Princess character outfit.

So if you are looking for a toy for your child, a birthday gift, Christmas gift or any special gift for a 4 year old girl, here’s a handy list of princess toys for 4 year old girls to guide you.

Disney Princess 24 Volt Carriage

Disney Princess 24 Volt Carriage is fit for a real 4 year old princess

Disney princess 24 volt carriage

This is one toy that is truly fit for a princess. Dynacraft introduced this pink, purple and gold royal carriage at the end of August 2016. Within 2 weeks it was temporarily out of stock at Walmart, the exclusive seller. So if you want to BUY this car, act fast and grab it when it’s in stock. This pumpkin-shaped carriage is designed to have small girls begging to own it.

There are many attractive features that make it so appealing. There is a purple heart shaped steering wheel to guide the carriage and one passenger on its rounds. Elegant curtains grace the windows and gold handles and gold trimmed lights adorn the outside. Decals of all of Disney’s princesses decorate the lower portion of the carriage. And to make things authentic, there’s a removable tiara for the little princess to wear while she is in her royal surroundings listening to fairy tale sounds.



These sounds and the lights require batteries (2 AA and 8 AAA) which are not included. The carriage needs to be charged for 18 hours before it can be used for the first time and a charge lasts about 45 minutes of driving time. The carriage moves at up to 5 mph backwards and forwards. It is powered by a 24 volt battery.

The CONS: It comes unassembled and first reviews sate that it can be somewhat difficult to put together often taking several hours to do so. Still, any 4 year old girl would love to have one. It makes a great Christmas gift and also an awesome birthday gift. It isn’t exactly cheap--the Walmart price hovers under $400, but it will make some little 4 year old girl very happy.

Popular Princess Toys For 4 Year Old Girls

Top Princess toys for 4 Year Olds. 

Princess Dolls for 4 year old girls

Dolls are a favorite toys of most little girls of all ages. These Disney dolls would make awesome gifts even if they child already owns one. Girls can never have too many dolls! Just ask my little granddaughter.

Princess Costume Dresses 4 Year Old Girls Would Love

Little Girls like to play the part of their favorite princess characters. These dresses/costumes are perfect for pretend play.

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