Star Wars Rey Toys For Girls

Star Wars Rey Toys quote

Star Wars Rey toys for girls are now available to Rey fans everywhere. Disney learned the power of females when they finally put out a collection of Star Wars Rey toys for Rey fans. The initial oversight had several prominent females in an uproar.  Their reasoning was that the movie was geared toward boys and boys don't generally play with female oriented toys. .

It didn't take them long to change their minds because girls do like the Star Wars brand and they admire Rey, a strong character and mentor.​ Her ability to fend for herself and ward off danger are certainly skills admired by females. Here's a picture of my granddaughter in her Rey Star Wars costume

With that said, you can now find a variety of toys and accessories based on this  character for imaginary and pretend play or just plain fun.

Here are Examples of Star Wars Rey Toys and Accessories You Can Buy Now

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