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STEM Toys for Kids They Will Actually Enjoy

Stem Toys for Kids 2016

It's a win-win situation when you can get both parents and kids to agree on what makes a great toy.  With the wide choice of STEM Toys for kids 2016, kids have at their disposal, there is plenty of room for agreement. 

Schools today are emphasizing Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) in their curricula. This is to help prepare students for the increasing emphasis on technology in our environment and to enable them to enter into those career fields. 

This all sounds good, but if kids aren't really interested in science and math or if these aren't their strongest  subjects in school, they risk lagging behind. So the availability of really fun STEM toys for children can change the whole concept of learning for kids.

STEM Toys For Kids Up to Grade 8

STEM TOYS For Preschoolers to Give Them a Head Start


Boys seem to take to STEM Toys like coding more so than girls. So its no surprise that many of the top STEM Toys for 2016 are aimed at boys.  Here are a few of them.

STEM Toys For Girls

STEM toys seek to encourage more girls to become interested in traditionally male dominated science fields. Although all STEM toys can encourage girls to take a look at the Scientific and Tech fields, here are some that might pique a girl's interest.

Project MC2 Dolls Popular STEM Toys for Girls

Project Mc2 Dolls encourage girls to enter STEM careers in a way they can easily relate. These dolls are based on the popular Netflix show of the same name. The four very smart girls are secret agents who use their science, technology math and engineering skills to solve mysteries and catch the bad guys. 

STEM Toys for Girls Created by  Women

Can't decide which STEM toy to buy right now?  Use Amazon's convenient shopping cart as a wish list.  Just click on any link on this site to get to Amazon, then click the "add to cart" button.  From there you can easily add or delete items or even change quantities. When you are ready to buy, simply click the checkout button. Sometimes may see that your cart item has been reduced.  A great way to catch good deals.

Want to find more STEM toys for kid?  Use the free search tool below to discover more toys that would make great gifts for kids.

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