Toys 5 Year Old Girls Want

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Best Toys 5 Year Old Girls Want

Toys 5 year old girls want for gifts

Top toys 5 year old girls want? My 5 year old granddaughter is a perfect role model for ideas on gifts 5 year old girls like. She is a typical little girl who started kindergarten this year. In addition to her new school status, she is involved in several activities that keep her busy such as ballet, gymnastics and swimming lessons. When she is home, like most little girls, she enjoys playing with toys that are popular with girls her age. Girls in this age group are moving away from toys that toddlers enjoy to keep them busy. This is an age of learning and asking questions. Attention spans grows and books become important parts of their free time, too.

Perhaps one characteristic of this age group that is common among most of them is that they enjoy role playing and pretend play. They love to emulate moms and are drawn towards dolls and toys that revolve around housekeeping and cooking and of course the role of playing mommy. Another favorite activity of girls this age is crafts. They are at the age where they like to express themselves and their own style begins to emerge. As a result, they enjoy creating their own designs with fashion design craft kits.

toys for 5 year old girls

My granddaughter is not shy in making her toy wishes known. She is blessed with quite a number of toys, one reason being she is loyal to all of them and doesn’t like to discard any. But yet, there is always some new toy that she wants. If you remind her that she already has a similar toy, her reaction, like a typical 5 year old, “but I don’t have that one.” And she always lets her granny know what toys she wants or likes. You can see more about Logan and some of her toy reviews at this Youtube Channel.

Popular Toys 5 Year Old Girls Would Like For Gifts. All are Logan approved.

Craft Gifts for 5 Year Old Girls

Craft Gifts That Make Great Birthday and Christmas Gifts

Fashion Plates Deluxe Kit

I remember when my daughter played with this fashion design kit and now my granddaughter can do the same. It's especially nice for girls who love style and design. It gives them a chance to be creative and think independently. The set comes with plates that you rub onto paper and then design according to your taste. The plates are interchangeable so there is lots of room to be creative.  Includes a stylish carrying case.

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If there is one trait common to little girls across the globe, it is there desire to grow up and become mommies. There are so many toys available for them to practice this skill. They also playing in other areas of the grown-up world and happily spend hours in this imaginary world of play.

Best Toys 5 Year Old Girls Would Enjoy for Pretend Play 

Shopkins Toys for Pretend Play

Shopikins toys have only been around for about 3 years, but the brand has become one of the most popular for small girls as well as adults who want to get in on their collectible status.  The toys are released in series of rare, ultra rare and limited editions. They are all about shopping for groceries. They are tiny miniature figures that are embellished to make them shiny and attractive. They have names related to their grocery store counterparts and also have a life of their own with hangouts and BFFs.

SHOPKINS Happy Places Happy Homes Lil Shoppies set is the latest Shopkins toy that Logan has. The set is an open home with four rooms--living room, bathroom, bedroom and kitchen. The house is decorated with Petkins furniture. There are also 7 Petkins in the pack as well as a Popette doll. Petkins are a cross between animals and food. They were introduced in Season 4.  With the bonus pack, you get Sara Sushi and Spaghetti plus other Shopkins characters. Click HERE to buy.

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