What Are The Best Outdoor Toys That Kids Will Love

When school lets out for the summer or vacation periods, it's time to send the kids  outside to play to avoid disaster inside the house. Fortunately there is no shortage of outdoor toys for kids available to choose from. However, weeding through toys and determining what's a good choice takes time. Fortunately I have curated this list of best outdoor toys that will keep kids happy and busy. The toys on this list have been approved by my little trio of toy experts. Thus, you can be sure they are kid friendly and desired.

backyard inflatable swimming pool

Inflatable  backyard pool that the whole family can enjoy. Includes a bulit-in bench for mom or dad to sit and watch while kids play. Dimensions are 88 x 85 x 30. It holds up to 169 gallons of water. Click HERE for price and more info.

Just in case you are in a hurry to narrow down your choices, take a look at these examples by clicking each:

With so many choices available, you can choose toys with a specific goal in mind like getting kids to exercise more.  Or you can look for toys catering to the type of activity your child enjoys most. This list of toys below contains great examples of what kids like.  Some will overlap in age focus and some are suitable for both boys and girls.

Outdoor Ride On Toys

Bikes - The Ultimate Ride on Toys

Critical factors to look for when choosing a bike are age and wheel diameter. The appropriate size for a child's bike is determined by the wheel diameter not the seat height and frame size. Here is a guide for approximate bike sizes according to age.

  • Age 2 -4   12 inches
  • Age 4-8   14 inches
  • Age 5-8   16 inches
  • Age 6-9   18 inches
  • Age 9+   24 inches
Royal Baby BMX Bike

Royal Baby Frestyle Bike. Click HERE to BUY

The Royal Baby Freestyle BMX bike is available for both boys and girls in multiple colors. Sizes range from 12 inches to 20 inches. Training wheels, quick release seat, water bottle and a bell are included with purchase.   BMX freestyle bikes are known for their ability to engage in stunts. However, it is doubtful that bikes of this size can handle extreme stunts.  The RoyalBaby bikes come almost completely assembled.  Buyer only has to add the seat, peddles, handlebar and training wheels. Tools for these tasks are included with purchase.

Click HERE for a quick list of good bike choices for girls and boys

Outdoor Toys for Exercise

Outdoor Exercise Toys For Toddlers And Babies

Outdoor toys for toddlers and babies

The Little Tikes Slide is not only a perfect outdoor toddler and baby toy, it's a good choice for a first serious toy for indoors and outside play. Click HERE to BUY

Technology toys have captured the focus of older kids. Too often, they can be found on tablets, phones and computers which makes for a very sedentary lifestyle. These toys should refocus their interest on toys that are simple yet fun.

Outdoor toys for kids swings

A modern swing set that has a trampoline and slide for additional fun time. Can be used by toddlers as well as older kids. Click HERE to BUY

Bumper Boppers

Watch kids use their full body weight to knock down a playmate without causing serious harm. Click HERE to BUY.

More Toys to Keep Moving

Outdoor Playhouses

Typically playhouses are a little girl's forte, but there are an increasing number of similar hideouts for both girls and boys.  

Outdoor Water Toys

Summertime outdoors almost screams water fun. Here are some toys that should please even the most choosy toy picker.

Classic and Vintage Outdoor Toys

There are some toys that seem to always be around and won't ever go away. They are available for new generations to discover. Here are some that come to mind.

Outdoor Toys Games and Crafts

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