WowWee Digiloom Review – Friendship Bracelet Kits For Kids

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Wow Wee Digiloom review

One of the toys that stood out at the February 2017 Toy Industry Toy Fair was the WowWee Digiloom Machine. For little girls who love to do arts and crafts projects like my granddaughter Logan does, this creative, interactive digital loom kit will be a “must have.” So think Christmas, birthdays and other gift giving occasions,as great opportunities to make some little girl happy. That’s because the WowWee Digiloom is the type of machine little girls will be asking for as soon as they see it available on the shelf. This machine will help them create bracelets which they can wear or give to their friends.

Make Popular Friendship Bracelets and Headbands

Friendship bracelets have been around for a long time and are still popular today. Perhaps you and your friends made these bracelets for each other when you were a kid. Now it’s time for today’s generation to enjoy in this activity with a new (and better?) twist. The tradition of giving friendship bracelets was to show that two people would be ‘best friends forever.” However, earlier generation did not have the luxury of the Digiloom to put their bracelets together, so now creating a friendship bracelet is both fun and quick.

In addition, the Digiloom machine not only makes friendship bracelets, it will also make headbands that friends can design and wear together or create their own style of headband for themselves.

Today's App driven Technology

The Digiloom operates on today’s App driven smart technology. The App is available for use on smart devices such as iPad, tablets and smart phones. It guides the designer in creating their own unique brand of headbands, bracelets and other products that look quite professional.

The WowWee Company--Innovative Toy Makers of the 21st Century

The Digiloom machine is made by WowWee. The company is well-known and highly respected for focusing on 21st century emerging technologies. They have come out with such popular interactive toys like Wow Wee MIP the interactive robot that responds to gestures {LINK} or the WowWee Chip, the robot companion and Wowwee Coji, the coding robot that teaches kids how to program using emojiis.

Who Would Love The Digiloom

I think that any young girl from the ages of about 6 up will enjoy using the Digiloom. especially if they love doing crafts or creative projects. Making a friendship bracelet or a headband is a good way for girls (or boys) to use their creative skills.

Another idea that kids would love is to use the Digiloom for birthday party sleepovers. This is an ideal way for girls to bond with each other and appreciate the joy of sharing. The kit includes a variety of patterns that the App can create so girls can have fun making their own style or creating the same style that their friends make. Also, the designs come in a variety of skill levels.

Traditional Weaving Looms For Kids

Here are some additional looms that are fun although not digital.

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